The Biggest Persian Carpet Market

The Biggest Persian Carpet Market


Distinct Services for Sarayeabrisham's Customers Only

در سرای ابریشم ضمن خرید فرش از مزایایی نظیر عضویت در باشگاه مشتریان و حمل رایگان فرش بهره مند شوید.
  • Membership Card in Customer’s Club

    After purchase, please take your membership card from our station in the Saraye Abrisham and because of its advantages keep it for three years.
    We want to be sure that you are satisfied

    The CRM of our organization studies your satisfying in various ways automatically.

    Running in balloting

    We have some balloting and you can run with your customer’s club membership..

  • The free delivery

    The free delivery

    We deliver the carpets with the size upper than six meters gratuitously.

    The safe delivery

    We have an exact instruction for transferring your carpet.

    Control on transfer

    After receiving your carpet, our driver gives a form to you.


Unique Features

در سرای ابریشم از خرید خود لذت ببرید ؛ ما همه چیز را مهندسی شده تحویل شما خواهیم داد

Why is the SarayeAbrisham

Woven Carpet’s Market

In Saraye Abrisham, we concentrate on woven carpets which are all the newest design of them.

Reliable Brands

کلیه برندهای عرضه شده در سرای ابریشم از نظر چارچوب برندینگ و سازمان استاندارد دارای مجوزهای لازم می باشند

Product Return Guarantee

In Saraye Abrisham you can give back your bought undamaged carpet till 48 hours.

Festivals & Celebrations

Sarayeabrisham as the biggest specialized of carpet market in Iran, is proud to host the customers

Top carpet brands in Sarayeabrisham

There are more than 150 carpet brands in Sarayeabrisham and more than 10 brands have 1200 reeds carpets.